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What are the best FAQ tools?

There are a number of FAQ tools that work well to create self-authored questions and answers reflecting the details of your product, services and organization such as Spiceworks, Inkling Knowledge, Tettra, Helprace, SupportBee. In addition, Milestone Inc has its very own FAQ Manager as well, that does more than just give you the ability of authoring Q&As about your business. Before we get into what are the perks of the Milestone FAQ Manager, keep in mind that FAQs have gained traction over the last few years as Google now creates rich snippets of Q&As online and more importantly, FAQs are now being the pick of voice search answers. That said, take a look at what Milestone's FAQ Manager will take care for your business:
  • View customer reviews from multiple channels and locations or crowdsource questions and ideas from SemRush, GSC, Answer the Public (ATP), chatbot unanswered questions, industry specific Q&A library, etc.
  • Using the plethora of connections to fetch the most relevant questions for your business, you can create questions and answers on the tool and the one-click publish will ensure that your FAQs (which are verified) are published on multiple channels. You can also choose to bulk upload FAQs and bulk publish FAQs across multiple channels.
  • Optimize for voice search answers, as the content will be created with the right intent and in a conversational and relevant style. The content will be wrapped with relative schemas to give search engine bots recognition of the context of the FAQs.
  • Ensures consistency in managing FAQs and determines deletion of obsolete information about the organization or its product and services to ensure customers are up to date with the latest.
  • Multi-channel support and integration with Milestone CMS website FAQs, AI chatbots, voice apps - Assistant and Alexa, GMB and Yelp.
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What are the best FAQ tools?
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