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Does Yoast in Wordpress work well for schema?

YoastSEO is a popular plugin used in many Wordpress sites. It offers both free and paid versions. The paid version (Yoast SEO Premium v13) of the tool includes support for about 20 of the approx. 800 schema types. If you are a WordPress site and have no plans to move to an enterprise CMS now or in the future, YoastSEO is a nice plugin. However, when you are making a decision, do keep in mind that - while WordPress is a wonderful hosting platform for blogging sites, mid to large-size businesses consider other enterprise-focused CMSes, such as Adobe AEM, Sitecore, Drupal or our very own Milestone CMS too. So, if you have scalability in mind, do consider a schema markup product, such as Milestone Schema Manager that support all major CMSes and lets you deploy schemas at scale across hundreds and thousands of pages with ZERO coding expertise.
Milestone Schema Manager comes with support for all 800+ schema types and is a self-updating software that updates itself for every schema vocabulary change. It is an easy to use schema tool that offers schema tagging, validation, deployment at scale as you can bulk-apply schema to all pages that share the same structure. The Schema Manager also comes with powerful analytics on schema impact helping you quantify the usefulness of the software. Learn more about Milestone Schema Manager.
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Does Yoast in Wordpress work well for schema?
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