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Does schema help you get the voice search answer?

While you can't directly co-relate schemas and voice search answers, schema help you optimize your website content to displayed on SERPs as a rich result and featured snippet - which are generally picked up as voice search answers. Considering that a good portion of the voice search queries revolve around ‘Ask for' directions, ‘Near me' searches or research on product or services, having quality content wrapped with the right schemas will improve the chances of your website content being picked up as a featured snippet or rich result, and voice search answer. In relation to the common queries, utilize the following schemas to boost your chances of being picked as a featured snippet, rich result or voice search answer:
  • Spekable schema
  • Local Business and its specific types
  • Product Schema
  • FAQ Schema
  • How-to Schema
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Does schema help you get the voice search answer?
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