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Where is Google voice search used?

Google voice search is Google's technology to perform search queries on the internet using voice commands. Users can ask questions such as "Google, where are the best car dealers near me?" on their voice-enabled Google devices. Google voice search can be used for performing searches on:
  • Android supported smartphones & tablets
  • Smart speakers (e.g. Google Home or smart TVs, headphones and watches)
  • Voice assistants on desktops/laptops
  • Google app on iPhones or iPads
According to Google Web Index 2018, 27% of the global online population are using voice search on mobile devices. The Google voice search uses automatic speech recognition to understand voice queries and renders output on-screen as text or as voice answers using text-to-speech technology. The top voice searches are for quick facts or news, research, to compare products/services, and ask for directions.. In fact, 2 out of 3 top voice search types are related to shopping. So, if you are a location-based business, you should implement a voice-optimized content strategy for your website.
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Where is Google voice search used?
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