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Does voice search SEO work?

While not all content on the internet gets picked up as voice search answers, optimizing your website content to suit voice is crucial. You can do so by ensuring your website has:
  • Proper site structure and content: Structure your website to have FAQs on the major pages answering questions of customers directly. Content should suit informational intent (guides, how-to.), navigational intent (store locations, services, press releases, customer service info) and transactional intent (videos, product information, comparisons, product stories) - basically optimized for local content. According to Backlinko, an average voice answer should be around 29 words.
  • Schemas: Schema or structured data directly impact voice searches as they function in entity recognition. they improve the chances of the content being displayed as a featured snippet and rich result on SERPs, and increase the chances of the content being the pick of voice assistants.
  • Optimum page speed: Page speed has an effect on the ranking of the website and business on the whole. Having Accelerated Mobile Pages for the pages getting the highest traffic and the rest of the pages mobile-friendly will ensure better engagement and ranking on SERPs.
  • Use keyword planning tools: Use keyword planning tools to look for the common questions asked by users online. Create concise and straight-to-the-point content that suits the trends and common questions.
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Does voice search SEO work?
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