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Galexi™ CMS
Our award winning content management system allows you to easily manage your websites from a single interface.
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Galexi™ Content Management System
Galexi™ CMS
Description: A SaaS content management system that allows content and website edits to be performed instantaneously.
Application Type: Business Application
Operating Systems: Windows
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Galexi™ Content Management System

Galexi™ CMS is the next generation SaaS (software-as-a-service) content management system designed for hospitality and travel markets. This platform allows hotels, brands and management companies to rapidly deploy and manage hotel website content with great ease at a fraction of the cost of existing systems in the market. Galexi™ CMS provides enhanced features  for conversion, usability and design. This sophisticated software platform is  search friendly and includes schemas for the latest search algorithms. Galexi™ CMS enables hotels to develop Adaptive Responsive Mobile websites and has social media integration features.

AMP Experience Ready

Google is getting 60% of their queries from Mobile devices and the speed of websites continues to be a big concern for mobile users. Milestone's Galexi™ CMS platform is ready to deliver a rich Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) experience to consumers. AMP websites renders15% to 85% faster than the standard HTML format, leading to rich consumer experience and hence better engagement and conversion. Studies have shown that a one second delay in page response results in 7% less conversions. Milestone created an AMP version site for Millwood Inn San Francisco, and Google has given the AMP label to search results coming from AMP pages created for Millwood Inn.

Optimized for Conversion

Galexi™'s WYSIWYG editor makes it very easy for hotels and brands to edit and manage their websites. Galexi™ introduces several cutting edge features that enhance the conversion rates on websites. The software enables pictorial drop downs, leading to higher website engagement by online visitors. Hotels are able to edit banner marketing messages on the fly, as specials continue to evolve with seasons and time. The Content Management System also enables hotels to add unlimited specials and packages  with ease.

Search Friendly

Galexi™ CMS follows Google Webmasters' best practices for website development, leading to  optimized sites that perform well on search engines and drive traffic. Galexi™ CMS implements over 40 different schemas optimized for the hospitality and travel segment hat provide organized data to search engines. It makes it easier for the engines to understand the content and provides searchers with richer and more relevant results. Sites with schema tags can lead to enhanced SERP listings with rich snippets, which increase click-through rates by up to 30%. Galexi™ CMS is designed to offer low download time and high performance for all websites.

Responsive Sites

Galexi™ CMS is at the cutting edge of the mobile technology revolution. As mobile continues to be the driving force in digital eCommerce, Galexi™ CMS ensures that businesses have the most technologically advanced mobile websites. The CMS enables Adaptive Responsive Mobile websites that are compliant with the latest search engine guidelines. It gives consumers the best mobile experience with quick download times and optimized information. Galexi™ CMS offers a single interface for managing responsive websites for all screens - desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Optimized for Social

Galexi™ CMS offers a seamless social experience for consumers. Clients can integrate social media icons awithin any page, and can easily integrate videos and photos from social channels. In addition, Galexi™ CMS lets you manage Facebook pages within the software and integrates with MediaConnect360™ to offer message broadcasting across all social media channels.
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