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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media has not only become a critical tool to interact with customers, but is also a key element that impacts organic search rankings for your business. Companies that utilize social media strategically are seeing significant benefits in terms of revenue and online placement.

Why social media?

  • Saturate the search engine results page: your social circle is a significant search engine ranking factor
  • Drive traffic and users to your website
  • Monitor online brand reputation and conversations
  • Connect with consumers at the hyperlocal level and improve products from a "real time" focus group
  • Increase ROI for your organic and paid search strategies
Milestone Social Media Marketing for Hotels Milestone embarked on social media optimization with one of the first destination blogs for a hotel in Chicago in January 2006 http://blog.rivernorthhotel.com. Since then, Milestone has been dedicating significant efforts on social media optimization services. Milestone has optimized social media channels for over 150 clients worldwide ranging from Facebook custom designs to a full-service optimization across all the social media channels. At Milestone, we continue to experiment with the latest technologies and bringing our innovative strategies and trends to our customers.

Milestone provides the following social media products to enable your business to dominate the search engine esults page

Graviti™ Social Media Optimization -

Graviti™ allows you to take command of your social media marketing campaigns. Graviti™ is a bundled social media optimization service that is the outcome of cutting-edge research and innovation. Graviti™ combines Milestone's social media expertise to provide a consistent brand image across social media channels. Graviti™ is Milestone's full suite setup and optimization of the social channels Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, and Twitter. This includes full support, training, and performance tracking reports.
Learn more about Graviti™ Social Media Optimization
Social Media Optimization

Facebook -

Increase your fan base, engagement, and loyalty with Milestone's Facebook optimization. Facebook enhances the business's organic listing, improves brand reputation, and allows the business to offer unique deals. Milestone will set up and optimize your Facebook page with customized content based on keyword research.
Learn more about Milestone's Facebook optimization

Flickr -

Make your business discoverable through image search. Milestone will set up and optimize yourFlickr account to increase traffic to the website and make the business appear in image searches. Flickr is a photo sharing website by Yahoo. We have seen tremendous results from sharing photos through Flickr. Tagging of the photos under the right categories also assists with search engine optimization, resulting in not only clicks from the photo-sharing websites but also from increased rankings in search engines.
Learn more about Milestone's Flickr optimization

YouTube -

Online videos are one of the fastest growing forms of media on the Internet: make sure your videos are findable through video search. The online video developed for search engines is vastly different from the standard videos. Ensure your videos are search optimized.
Learn more about Milestone's YouTube optimization

Twitter and other social channels -

Gain total channel saturation by setting up Twitter and other social channels. Ensure consumers find your business no matter where they search online.
Learn more about Milestone's social channels optimization

Blog -

Position your business as the local expert to consumers and search engines with a Blog. Blogs are similar to interactive online journals that update your website with fresh and new content that elevates your value and ranking with the search engines. By creating a blog for your business, you will be able to attract visitors looking for things to do in your destination. Some of the key benefits of having a blog include the following:
  • Higher Ranking -

    Posting a Blog pings the search engines every time new content is posted. This results in frequent search engine spider visits and much higher optimization and ranking.
  • Networking in the community -

    Blogs help in securing quality links from other relevant Blogs by track backs, comments, etc. Blogs help gain link popularity and drive relevant traffic.
  • Blogs help in establishing credibility and trust -

    Blogs establish a credible platform for online customer interaction.
Learn more about Milestone's Blogs, click here.

Hyperlocal -

Connect with consumers in your area with highly targeted and locally relevant content. Hyperlocal helps build relevance in organic search engine results page ranking as well as local search. See how Milestone will set up and optimized your hyperlocal channels.
Learn more about Milestone's Hyperlocal optimization

Reviews -

Increase reviews for your business. Most purchasers check online review sites prior to making a purchase. And as a result, search engines consider these review channels as an important part of their algorithm. This includes both traditional review sites, as well as social media channels (UGC: user generated content).
Learn more about Milestone's Reviews page

Articles and Online PR -

Businesses can use online articles and online channels to enhance their web presence and increase their search engine optimization. Using online news channels such as Business Wire and PR Web to release articles and news information enhances the search engine optimization and web presence for the business.