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Content Management System

GalexiTM Portal Content Management System (CMS) 

Milestone's fifth generation Brand and Lodging Association Website Content Management System is a state-of-the-art content management tool that is targeted to the lodging and travel industry. The online marketing tool helps brands and lodging association groups develop complete website solutions and strategies for their organizations.
The tool is developed to be modular from the ground up so that it allows several degrees of flexibility to the organization depending on their needs and requirements. The solution is targeted mainly to brands and associations who want to create corporate portals and have the flexibility to add and remove franchisees and member websites on the portal on the fly with relative ease. In addition to extremely flexible website architecture, the portal solution is developed to be search engine friendly from the ground up and has several Web 2.0 features integrated into the solution. The solution comes with several modules, the key ones being:
  • Consumer Website - main website
  • Corporate Website - corporate information
  • Brand Admin Panel - manage all content for the entire website
  • User Admin Panel - each user can be provided an admin panel to upload the content, and manage their section of the website (the content does not go live until the Brand Moderator approves the content).

What is Galexi™? -

Galexi™ is Milestone's state-of-the-art Content Management System that allows businesses to rapidly deploy and manage websites for their members with great ease at a fraction of the cost of existing systems in the market today. The system is offered as a hosted solution that does not require major hardware or software installations and can be accessed from any computer.
Content Management System

Key Features

  • Develop and manage large chain websites and hospitality portals easily
  • Drive higher revenue - search engine friendly and Web 2.0 enabled
  • Higher functionality and ease of use, higher revenue and returns at significantly lower cost than comparable platforms
  • Scalable - scale from one website to several hundred websites
  • Enables collaboration between franchisors and franchisees - reduces cost of maintenance significantly while maintaining security
  • First platform of its kind targeted at mid-small size travel and hospitality brands and associations

Galexi ™ Applications -

Content Management System
Galexi™ system can easily be configured for multiple applications. The system is ideal for brands and chains in hospitality and restaurant industry, CVBs and Lodging Association portal platforms, Corporate Intranets, independent websites, and brand administered microsites.

Front End Modular Architecture -

Galexi Architecture is defined for complete flexibility to target multiple applications. At the main front end level, the architecture provides the ability to customize different levels of navigation. The system offers a resource library that can be segmented by type of information and acts like a central repository. Web 2.0 and social media modules such as online video, blogs, user generated content, advanced maps (mash-ups) can be added with relative ease.
Front End Modular Architecture

Galexi™ Marketing Features

Custom Design

  • Enables each brand and group to customize to their branding and image
  • Allows multiple design templates enabling localization
  • Advanced property search customized for multiple properties

Marketing Packages, Specials, Promotional Programs

  • Set active and expiration dates for marketing packages and promotional programs
  • Rotation of banners, packages, featured products, hotels, or business locations

Search Engine Friendly Drives Higher Revenue

  • Higher rankings on search engines drive higher revenue
  • Meta tags and alt tags on every page of portal
  • Build from ground up using search engine guidelines and recommendations
  • SEO friendly page names.
  • Search engine friendly URLs - URL rewrite technology lets you create URLs that improve search engine rankings and manage page names.

State-of-the-art ROI

  • Detailed ROI tracking reports

Seamless Integration with 3rd Party Services

  • Effortless integration with booking engines, booking services, weather services, tripadvisor.com, photo galleries, interactive Google maps and destination Mash-ups, and several more.

Galexi's Admin Features

Ease of Use

  • Web-based platform. No software, no installs.
  • Intuitive interfaces reduce cost for technical personnel needed to maintain site
  • Complete control to add tabs, buttons, new websites, destinations on the fly
  • Add new content while existing site is live removing downtime needed to upgrade
  • Ability to create content blocks.

Add Franchisees / Hotels Within Minutes

  • Real time addition of new property - set up or add a new property to the portal
  • Dynamically adding new pages to dropdown (dynamic menu dropdown additions)
  • Dynamic property search on integrated menu. (Any new property additions show up real-time on search)
  • Geo-code physical address and show up on map

Collaboration and Moderation

  • Individual hotels/franchisee and departments can add content
  • Brand admin moderates content and approved before content goes live
  • Allows brand to maintain 100% control while developing a collaborative approach to updating website content by franchisees and group members
  • Reduced brand headcount cost to maintain and add content significantly


  • Set-up: Add/edit users and define role for each user (admin, hotel/user login, content moderator / publisher)
  • Multiple levels of access for security purposes – role-based security (granular privileges)
  • User logs are archived


  • Scale from single website to portal for hundreds of websites
  • Can be used by small associations to brands with hundreds of franchisees
  • Ongoing costs and maintenance
  • Low cost of ownership and maintenance
  • Minimal training and easy to master; easy to update using WYSIWYG editor

Ticketing Module (Optional)

  • Module available to offer online support help desk for franchisees
  • Create new ticket and assign a status

Technical Specifications

  • Software Technology
    • Runs on asp.net platform on Microsoft Server environment
    • Direct access to core CMS functionality via web services interfaces
    • Web-based authoring environment - WYSIWYG editor
    • Style sheet based menus in horizontal or vertical orientation
    • Dynamic page addition shows up in main navigation On/Off feature based on user selection)
    • Pluggable API Support
  • Sophisticated core content management - time stamp content, versioning, audit trails, and authoring tools integration
  • Private content areas and membership management
  • Dynamic bread crumb trail auto-generated sitemap
  • Forms capability to collect information
  • Advanced search capabilities