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Measure Performance With Social Media Analytics and Management Tools

Get detailed reporting of key metrics across all social channels for a deep understanding of your social media strategy, implementation, outreach, and Impact. Leverage in-depth analysis of all social media successes and opportunities to set regular initiatives and adjust to the latest channel tune-ups. Milestone's social media analutics tools let you review, manage and enhance your content strategy based on performance benchamrks and unique business goals.
Measure Performance With Social Media Analytics

Performance metrics and impact

Milestone presents the results of our efforts through regularly scheduled review calls. This ensures you get a perspective of current trends in social media, how our strategies impact the overall digital marketing plan, measurement against key performance indicators, and a discussion of the goals and initiatives for the upcoming quarter.
  • Regular review calls to analyze performance
  • Understand trends and how they impact you
  • Measure against KPIs and goals

How we Develop our Reporting

  • Define the ROI

    Define the ROI

    We start with a clear, compelling definition of how you measure ROI
  • Set Measurable Goals

    Set Measurable Goals

    We set measurable goals tied to the overall strategy, and use precise goals such as number of conversions, or traffic
  • Measure Results

    Measure Results

    We leverage Google+, Facebook, and Twitter analytics suites to understand engagement. We also integrate Google Analytics to measure the success from these channels.
  • Adjust the Strategy

    Adjust the Strategy

    We go beyond reporting. We analyze and identify what is working and what is not. We present the results of our analysis with opportunities and strategic recommendations on how to improve performance.
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