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Social Media Analytics

Social Media Marketing Strategy & Reporting

Get detailed monthly reporting of key metrics across all social networks for a clear understanding of the strategy, implementation, outreach, and result of each social media channel. Leverage in-depth analysis of all social media successes and opportunities to set regular initiatives to adjust to the latest channel tune-ups.

The Human Touch

Analytics performed by experts

The human touch

Milestone presents the results of our efforts through regularly scheduled review calls. This ensures you get a perspective of current trends in social media, how our efforts affect the business's overall digital marketing, measurement against the key performance indicators, and a discussion of the goals and initiatives for the upcoming quarter.
  • Regular review calls to analyze performance
  • Understand trends and how they impact you
  • Measure against KPIs and goals

How we Develop our Reporting

Define the ROI
Set Measurable Goals
Measure Results
Adjust the Strategy

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