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Improve User Experience

Make effective use of data to provide seamless omnichannel user experience. This will help reduce obstacles in the customer journey, increase engagement, and optimize conversion funnel.


Data, such as customer's interests, buying intent, demographics, and previous engagements will be collected and analysed to deliver unique and personalized experience to each customer aligned with his preferences.

Customer journey analytics

We will analyse cross-channel customer journey to identify different paths to purchase, customer touchpoints resulting in higher conversions, and touchpoints with higher transaction abandonment rate. This data combined with other KPIs will help to optimize the conversion path and improve omnichannel customer experience.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Increase your conversions by optimizing the user experience on your website. We leverage heatmaps to study how users interact with your website and provide recommendations for A/B testing. We will develop and deploy both variants on production. The two variants will be then tested, side-by-side with an equal split of traffic and will be observed based on the pre-determined testing criteria. The winning page is chosen after enough visitors have engage to prove statistical significance, and the winning page is pushed live.
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