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Product FAQs

  • Which is the fastest CMS in the market?

    Apart from the popular and reputed Content Management Systems in the market such as Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal, WordPress, etc., Milestone is regarded as one of fastest CMSes in the market. Considering that load speed of a website is an important factor for it to rank on search, Milestone CMS is the only SEO-first CMS in the market and ensures delivery of relevant content to create an engaging mobile-first experience. Using Milestone CMS, we have deployed more than 6,000 websites and our client websites have an approximate viewership of 26 million user per month. Our client websites have reported an average of 100% faster load page time and a 20-30% increase in leads and revenue due to this very factor of high-speed loading websites - which is critical for the user experience of website visitors.
  • Can I delete a bad review?

    Usually you cannot delete a bad review. The typical strategy is to increase the volume of positive reviews to reduce the visibility of the bad review.

  • Which CMS is best for SEO?

    Milestone CMS is the only SEO-first CMS in the market that covers all the must-haves that websites need to rank and be visible on search. Using schemas wrapped over relevant content, Milestone CMS ensures that search engine crawlers have clear context of the content when indexing the website, ensuring that your website content it ready for visual and entity search and the future of search – voice search. In addition, Milestone CMS delivers high-performance mobile designs, that is supported by mobile-first optimization, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) and PWA (Progressive Web App) frameworks. Our SEO-first websites that takes businesses through the entire customer journey has ensured an average increase in leads and revenue by almost 25%.
  • Which CMS is best for hotels?

    While there are certain players like WordPress, Squarespace and SmartCMS that are used by hotels around the globe due to their custom and personalization features, Milestone CMS is a thorough-bred CMS for businesses in the hotel industry. With Milestone having 2 decades of experience of servicing the biggest brands in the hospitality industry, our CMS is created to take hotels through the whole phase of the customer journey – REACH – ACT - CONVERT – Engage. Our Milestone CMS comes with products such as Milestone Local, to ensure that the information of hotels is delivered across multiple channels with just a few clicks, ensuring that no customer is left frustrated wishing to know the key specifics of a business. In addition, our features like event calendar and FAQ Manager help drive leads and footfall to the business, while the FAQ Manager helps the businesses answer pressing questions and concerns of their customers and ensure the information is consistent across all channels. In addition, being an SEO-first CMS, visibility on search is a priority and this is done using a built-in schema deployment and monitoring process, and the websites are built on mobile-friendly, AMP and PWA frameworks to give customers the best possible user experience. Of course, competitor benchmarking is a necessity and that’s where our omni-channels Analytics comes into play. Now, your business can track customer behavior, your advertisement spends, return on investments, and lots more.
  • How does Milestone host websites?

    All websites of Milestone are designed on Milestone CMS and the CMS uses Azure as the hosting provider and the application framework is built on ASP.NET - where the code and business logic are integrated. Now to avoid repeated SQL calls from the servers and improve response time, Milestone CMS uses Content Delivery Networks (CDN) Cloudfare and Cloudinary. Cloudfare functions in caching to improve response time for repeated website visitos and is also used to flush cache for any changes done on the website presentation, business logic, etc. Cloudinary on the other hand is used to pull image data from the source system as it has superior image manipulation features as compared to Cloudfare. In addition, Microsoft SQL is used to store data where as Midguard API is used to retrieve data from the servers through API calls.
  • Which CMSes include an FAQ module?

    Milestone CMS includes FAQ management functional and integration with traditional and vertical search engines.
  • Which CMSes have the best AMP solution?

    Milestone has done more than 4300 AMP sites and sees significant lift from AMP.
  • Does Milestone CMS do schema automatically?

    All customers who elect to have schemas enabled get them with the CMS license.
  • Do CMSes need service support to operate?

    The search landscape is forever evolving and having an expert team guiding your business and its website through these changes is absolutely necessary and this allows you to focus on the core of your business’s functions. Think about it, for a website to rank and be visible on search, the content has to be fresh and have interactive elements that make your site stand out. Also consider that now you should consider Google as your homepage and your website should be an important touchpoint for users online – which means your website needs to constantly change and evolve to stay in the game or ahead of the pack or your competitors.
  • What CMSes are best for healthcare?

    While the usual Adobe Experience Manager, SiteCore, Oracle and Drupal are in the healthcare space as well, each come with their own perks and challenges for businesses, with the biggest being pricing and flexibility of packaging features. Milestone CMS offers the key ingredients for health care businesses with affordable packaging options, giving businesses to choose exactly what they need and not more. Having serviced diverse industries, for healthcare businesses, Milestone CMS ensures ease-of-use to create and deploy quality content that is wrapped with schema to give search engine bots a better understanding of the content, entities and its relationship to power voice search, ensures consistent brand information across multiple channels, and checks key requirements such as page speed, security, hosting infrastructure, and the nitty-gritties of technical SEO.
  • What CMSes are best for large enterprises?

    While CMSes like Adobe Experience Manager, Acquia, SiteCore, Oracle and Episerver all cater to large enterprises, however they charge premium fees and the features are bundled and are not customizable to give business only what they need. Milestone CMS caters to small-medium business to supporting enterprise businesses as well, and allows customization of features with flexible packages to give businesses the liberty to choose just what they need and the option to add on features as the business scales and modifies their scope. Milestone CMS offer the lowest total cost of ownership and bundles the key requirements for any business such as the hosting infrastructure, security, speed and technical SEO and does not package these key elements and features separately.
  • What are must-have CMS features?

    According to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management 2020, listed below are the functions that CMS features need to have:
    • Basic and advanced content creation functions such as templating, workflow and change management
    • Content repository that provides metadata about the content
    • Key website management features such as the layout of the website, menus and navigation options
    • Content deployment tools
    • Analytics and Personalization capabilities
    • Integrations via APIs, to connect with digital commerce platforms, social media platforms, and marketing automation platforms
    • Hybrid and API-driven omni-channel content delivery options
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