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ENGAGE Conference 2019

The Premier Digital Marketing Conference for Online Marketers

Milestone ENGAGE is the premier digital marketing conference and an exclusive gathering of content marketing, SEO, and digital design experts. At ENGAGE participants from diverse industries including hospitality, retail, banking, finance, and ecommerce, learn about the trends and technologies impacting location-based, B2C businesses from industry leaders and from Milestone insiders.
  • Engage Conference 2019 Milestone Inc.

What past attendees say about us

This is my third year attending the conference and each year it gets better.
I love it. It's been very educational. I've already got a notes page on my phone full of things to take back and talk to my team and for us to take to our ownership group.
It exceeded my expectation and I look forward to continuing to come year after year.
I feel like if I hadn't come this year and I came next year, I would regret for not have come the first year because it's just so much good information and everything's constantly changing in the digital landscape.

Popular Presentations from ENGAGE 2019

Win every interaction along the customer journey with a digital marketing framework of the future

Benu Aggarwal presents her vision for the next generation of digital enterprise. Align your digital goals, deliver a consistent brand promise and drive revenue and KPI's. Become an expert at driving the outcomes that really matter in your organization.

The State of Search

Rand Fishkin, Founder of Sparktoro and formerly CEO/Cofounder of Moz, brought his boundless energy, and passion for all things Search-related to this awesome keynote. Learn about the forces changing search, searchers, and search engine optimization.

Leadership and Motivation for Digital Executives

nationally recognized leadership coach Barbara Waxman will move you with her ability to inspire compassion, honesty, and light heartedness. We recommend this session to anyone in a leadership position, the principles within are enlightening.

Top Local Trends in 2019 and Beyond

The always-entertaining Greg Sterling is back to share his expertise on local Search. With over 50% of search queries demonstrating a local intent, a strong local search presence is critical for any consumer-facing business.

Industry Leaders Panel: Perspectives on Consumer Behavior and its Impact on Digital Strategy

We invited top executives from market-leading companies to talk about the evolving digital landscape and how they are creating solutions to adapt to the changing environment. This lively panel session is full of valuable insights that you'll want to share.

Industry Leaders Panel: Case Studies in Advanced Website Design & UX

How much does technology and design impact the success of a site? In this panel we explore case studies from award-winning websites in several industries, and analyze the factors that turned these sites into success stories.

Paid Marketing: Ensure Your Paid Strategy is an Asset, Not a Liability

Paid marketing is a data-driven, scientific practice that can yield incredible results if used properly; but used improperly it can just as easily be a liability. Google teamed up with Milestone for this session on best practices in paid advertising, and achieving maximum benefit.

Yelp, Milestone, and U.S. Bank Discuss Local Search Market Trends

Yelp and US Bank share their knowledge: Why is it important for a location-based business to be listed? How do you maximize the opportunity? How can you benefit from data driven by Yelp? Hear solutions from a provider, and an expert practitioner together in one session.

Case Studies in Omnichannel Marketing

In this fast-paced session you'll hear real-life case studies on the omnichannel approach to marketing. See firsthand how the strategies were created and how they led to results. There's good a chance some of these strategies will align with your goals, don't forget to take notes.

Content, Technology, Norse Gods, and World Peace

Milestone's head of products and technology stepped up to the plate to cover two topics: How to enhance your visibiltiy through website/social content strategy, and how our next-generation digital marketing platform brings new opportunities to online marketers.

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