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Popular Presentations from Engage 2016


Keynote:How the Customer Journey is Driving Digital Marketing Innovation

Bill Hunt
2017 Keynote presents the future of customer marketing by Bill Hunt, a highly regarded, globally-recognized search and digital marketing guru.

Key Technology Innovations and Mobile Trends

Benu Aggarwal
Learn strategies to influence website visitors and convert them into customers, includes AMP, CRO, Knowledge Graph, and more.

Top 2016 Website Design Trends

Brian Tawlks
Get ready to deliver a world class web experience to users in a multi-device world - telling a story, minimalism, grid designs, bright colors and stunning imagery.

Changing Landscape of Local and Organic Search

Kanika Thakran
Decipher the key components impacting your visibility on Google, Bing, and Local Search Directories and walk away with actionable insights to create an impactful local ecosystem presence.

Leading with the Heart

John Wallis
John Wallis is the former Chief Marketing Officer of Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, he highlights an evolving method of managing and driving results with passion and sincerity.

Success with Social and Search

Nisha Thakkar and Mike Supple
Integrate social seamlessly into your digital marketing strategy to connect to customers and increase revenue.

Advancements in Paid Marketing

Eileen DeLisle and Megan Lau
Make your marketing dollars go further by optimizing your channel and media mix. Learn about new channels to reach targeted customer segments.

Enterprise Level Search, Value of a Customer Centric Buying Funnel

Ben Karesh
Merging online and offline marketing efforts on an enterprise level.

Measuring the Success of Your Digital Strategy in Today's Multi-Touch World

Gaurav Gautam and John Bezdek
Walk away with tools to understand how your marketing dollars are working for you.

Benchmark Your Digital Presence Against Competition

Icida McClean and Gabrielle Montgomery
Tools to benchmark your performance vs. competition and staying ahead of the game.

PANEL: Up Close and Personal with Hospitality Industry Experts

Robert Cole, Tim Peter& Chris Rockett
Hear experts discuss and argue the latest threats to the hospitality digital world as well as the opportunities based on current trends.

Closing: 2017 Planning, Digital Marketing, Bots, AI, Virtual Reality

Anil Aggarwal and Tammie Carlisle
Conclusion of conference main takeaways and review of a budgeting sheet to use for digital marketing for hoteliers.

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