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Jun 22 2017

Milestone announces new intuitive dashboard for Insights software

Milestone puts the power of digital benchmarking and competitive analysis in the hands of business users.

June 22, 2017, Santa Clara, CA - Milestone Inc. announced the launch of a new version of Insights software, featuring a completely revised digital intelligence and competitive benchmarking dashboard.

Insights helps business users understand the state of their digital health and competitive position. Insights is designed to let business users measure website performance, identify trends, and compare digital presence vs. top competitors to stay ahead of the curve. Now anyone can view key KPI's for mobile, voice search, website technology, SEO visibility through an intuitive interface that takes digital analysis out of the realm of mysticism and puts into the hands of business people.
An overview of your digital landscape as seen in the new Insights dashboard
An overview of your digital landscape as seen in the new Insights dashboard

With the new streamlined dashboard, users are easily able to answer key questions from a single report:
  • Which trends should be tracked?
    • Whether it's the recent mobile update or the new and upcoming voice search experience, Insights will help you identify what's important.
  • Which KPIs matter most?
    • Insights helps you track KPI's for a wide variety of digital assets including website, social media, mobile, digital advertising and more.
    • Milestone has handpicked the most appropriate KPI's to ensure you spend your time developing and executing strategies instead of running numerous tedious reports.
  • How is the mobile experience for users?
    • Are Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) necessary for my business?
    • Are these the keywords for which I want to rank?
  • How am I faring against my competitors and benchmarks?
    • View how your competitors are ranking for the keywords you wish to track.
    • See Google benchmarks for page download speed vs your page speed.
    • Are my listings up to date with the correct URL, Name, Phone (UNAP) and other relevant business information which will help the customer contact you?
An example of the SEO Visibility portion of the new Insights dashboard
An example of the SEO Visibility portion of the new Insights dashboard

The new dashboard focuses on 5 key areas of digital marketing: mobile readiness, voice search, website technology, SEO visibility and omnichannel presence.


Trends Description
Mobile Readiness Complete mobile performance metrics including page speed, mobile keywords and AMP presence. Insights considers the mobile experience presented to visitors when searchers land on your mobile site.
Voice Search Structured data enables your content to surface in experiences like voice answers, maps and Google knowledge graphs. Insights reviews the presence of schemas and breaks down how schemas impact your business
Website Technology The first step to digital presence is a fundamentally strong website structure that includes sitemap, robots.txt files, HTML elements like header tags, duplicate description, website page speed, page speed, and more.
SEO Visibility Is your business surfacing in SERPs? Insights will analyze your keyword performance against your competitive landscape. Insights will also review your backlinks to discern external authoritative websites that are linking to your website.
Omni Channel Presence Insights reviews your messaging across all your digital marketing efforts to analyze whether it is uniform across the board. This includes checking to see if you have a consistent presence across your local, social and paid medium.

In a recent report published by Forrester Research; it is estimated that by 2021, businesses will spend nearly $119 Billion on digital marketing; including website, search, display advertising, online video, email marketing and more.* It's becoming increasingly important to understand the effectiveness of where and how those marketing dollars are being spent.

Milestone Insights provides a top-level look for ecommerce and digital marketers to measure their site speed, keywords, paid campaigns, social shares, directories and many more digital KPI's to understand their overall performance. Staying on top of your KPI's, while also monitoring your competition, gives you the edge.

For more information about Milestone and our Insights software, visit Milestone at or can learn more by calling us at 1-408-492-9055.


About Milestone

Milestone is a leading provider of digital marketing software and services for hospitality, retail and finance. We provide a full range of solutions including website and mobile design, content creation, SEO, analytics and competitive intelligence. Our best in class technology and solutions drive revenue and ROI for clients across the globe. Over 2,000 companies do business with Milestone, including leading hotel chains, major retailers and financial services companies. Milestone has garnered over 300 awards and a reputation for blending outstanding design with advanced technological capabilities. Milestone is one of Silicon Valley Business Journal's fastest growing companies and is an Inc. 5000 company.

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Milestone announces new intuitive dashboard for Insights software
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