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Oct 16 2017

Milestone Launches “True” Mobile First Hotel Website Design

Milestone applies techniques from mobile apps to provide a true "mobile first" experience for its customers.

October 17, 2017, Santa Clara, CA - Milestone announced today that it is launching a new website design product truer to the concept of "Mobile First." Our mobile first designs are a departure from the responsive technology that most sites employ, elevating the experience to what users want to do in every moment of the customer journey.

"We recognized that most of the so-called mobile first website designs, are actually nothing more than responsive designs," said Benu Aggarwal, Milestone President and Founder. "Nearly all responsive designs are nothing more than desktop designs reformatted to fit on a smaller screen. We want to change that and be the first in the space to truly connect to mobile users," continued Mrs. Aggarwal.

It starts with an understanding of consumer behavior
Milestone's new Mobile First designs are conceived principally with user intent as the primary driver. Milestone spent hundreds of hours testing to understand how users interacted with mobile websites, especially for its target segments of Hotels, Retailers, and Financial Services Companies. Through this research, it was clear that user patterns dictated a radical re-thinking of how mobile site design should be done.

Design that responds to user behavior
There are many elements of Milestone's Mobile First approach that are radically different from anything that has been provided before:
  • Design is based on user intent and task completion
  • Content is prioritized by what is most important to users in micro-moments
  • Simple, clear, and easy to use Calls to Action (CTAs)
  • Intuitive forms designed for small screens
  • Gesture-based user interface that prioritizes actions
  • Small, easy to navigate photo galleries that download quickly
  • SEO and schema enabled, to provide maximum compatibility with search engines
  • Fully editable in Milestone's industry-leading Content Management System
Built on a solid foundation
Milestone mobile sites are built on one of the most robust and fastest architectural foundations possible. Milestone recently announced that it would start developing all future websites on secure HTTPs foundations, and that customers could optionally add PWA capabilities to their web sites. PWAs provide unique capabilities to Milestone customers, including the ability to make the website fully accessible offline and with user notifications, and provides one of the fastest architectures in the digital space. The marriage of Mobile First and PWA creates a near "app-like" experience that makes using a Milestone mobile site intuitive, fast, and convenient, while also driving conversions and boosting revenues.

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About Milestone
Milestone is a leading provider of digital marketing software and services for hospitality, retail and finance. We provide a full range of solutions including website and mobile design, content creation, SEO, analytics and competitive intelligence. Our best in class technology and solutions drive revenue and ROI for clients across the globe. Over 2,000 companies do business with Milestone, including leading hotel chains, major retailers and financial services companies. Milestone has garnered over 400 awards and a reputation for blending outstanding design with advanced technological capabilities. Milestone is one of Silicon Valley Business Journal's fastest growing companies and is an Inc. 5000 company.
Milestone Launches “True” Mobile First Hotel Website Design
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