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Feb 24 2021

Latestly Coverage of Milestone: Top 10 SEO Software and Managed Service Solution Providers

As Google and the other search engines use AI to get smarter and the algorithms evolve, SEO presents a bigger challenge to marketers. Auditing and baselining the site, doing keyword research, getting the technical SEO and site speed and experience right, doing on-page and off-page optimization, and monitoring and reporting require a wide range of specific skills and resources.

Some of those capabilities have been coded into software to make some of the tasks easier and more efficient. That unique and proprietary software capability should give a competitive advantage to its licensees. But, all software solutions are coupled with the problems of the learning and utilization curves, meaning most companies underlearn and underutilize the software they buy. For example, as a consumer you may use Microsoft Excel, but you probably do not use 95% of its features, according to research by the Standish Group. And let's face it, SEO in 2021 is a lot harder and more complex than Microsoft desktop applications. All but the largest SEO teams would benefit from some managed service support on top of the features of the software they license


Milestone Inc.

Milestone helps companies create, organize, and amplify digital information to enhance their digital presence and make their information more accurate, consistent, and visible. They do this with a SaaS digital experience platform and add to it as much or as little service as needed to grow results. Within their product suite they offer the only SEO-first CMS in the market, which includes structured data advanced schema markup software and monitoring, Core Vitals-readiness, AMP, FAQs, voice, and local.

Their service lineup includes analytics, reporting, technical SEO, local, content, design, and paid media. Through their Milestone Research department, they have figured out and proven what works best and sustains through the ups and downs of algo changes.

With headquarters in Santa Clara, Milestone also has offices in Chicago, and Washington, DC. Milestone has more than 230 employees worldwide with over 150 in service, centers of excellence, and engineering. The CEO is Anil Aggarwal.



Latestly Coverage of Milestone: Top 10 SEO Software and Managed Service Solution Providers
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