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Manage communications and marketing messages across all social networks from one place.
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MediaConnect360™ - Effective Social Media Marketing Tool
Description : A software that allows companies to manage and schedule content for multiple social media channels through a single dashboard.
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Application Type : BusinessApplication
Operating Systems : Windows
Reviews: "MediaConnect360™ has helped me organize the hotel's social media program very efficiently. The portal is interactive, streamlined and simple to use. I highly recommend Milestone Internet and their new platform, MediaConnect360™, for any customer who has an active Social Media strategy. They make Social Media marketing manageable and easy to execute."
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 Social Media Management Tools

MediaConnect360™ is an integrated online system that allows users to  control their social media activity from a single interface. By using MediaConnect360™, clients interact with new audiences across multiple marketing channels, introduce marketing ideas, and increase social productivity. Efficiently execute strategies across numerous channels from your desktop or mobile device with one of the industry's most powerful social media management tools.
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