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Phone Tracking & RFP
Gain valuable insight by tracking phone calls generated from your website and digital marketing campaigns.
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Valuable Phone Tracking Data

In tandem with sales leads generated through a website, a significant percentage of consumers will also call a business to make a purchase or reservation. For hotels and local businesses, we know that for all leads generated by your website, the number of reservations received by phone varies between 2 to 7 times depending on the business. This ratio is higher if you are aggressively marketing packages and promotions on your site.
Given that phone reservations from your website marketing are such a critical component of ROI, it is important to track phone calls generated by your site. Milestone offers PhoneWizard, a revolutionary, state-of-the-art tracking tool that enables you to track phone reservations, identify call demographics, listen to recorded calls and track the campaign source from which the call was generated.
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