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Why Attend

Learn from elite industry experts and interact with Milestone's thought leaders

Milestone ENGAGE is the premier digital marketing conference and an exclusive gathering of experts from hospitality, retail, banking, finance, eCommerce industries. ENGAGE participants to learn about the trends and technologies impacting location-based, B2C businesses from industry leaders and from Milestone insiders.
If you are a Milestone client, ENGAGE is a must. Meet the people behind the products and services and get the latest insights from industry leaders and luminaries. Regardless of your role, industry, or company size, ENGAGE is a great place to learn about what's happening in digital marketing, get inspiration through strategic ideas and services, and make connections with the Milestone team as well as your peers.
The quality of our content has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by attendees for 6 years running!

What clients say about us

  • This is my third year attending the conference and each year it gets better.

  • "Excellent content. Very detailed, well-rounded, furnished a huge list of takeaways. Home Run"

  • "I feel like if I hadnt't come this year and I came next year, I would be kicking myself for not coming sooner"

  • "Tangible takeaways to implement and make immediate impact"

  • "It exceeded my expectation and I look forward to continuing to come year after year."

  • "I feel like if I hadn't come this year and I came next year, I would regret for not have come the first year because it's just so much good information and everything's constantly changing in the digital landscape."

  • "I love it. It's been very educational. I've already got a notes page on my phone full of things to take back and talk to my team and for us to take to our ownership group."

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Stay Current on the Latest Industry Trends & Opportunities

  • Marketing


    The world of digital marketing is in the midst of a revolution. Voice search, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Content Hyper-Personalization are coming together to completely and radically change the consumer experience. All these technologies must balance against the increasing need for data security and privacy.
    At ENGAGE, leading marketers will learn how to leverage these technologies and trends in a whole new way.
  • eCommerce and Revenue Managers

    eCommerce and Revenue Managers

    Commerce is no longer about just the transaction. It's about the experience from the moment the consumer first thought about their needs and desires, to the moment they clicked "buy now." Brands must reconsider the entire customer journey. What are the key technologies and trends that matter? How do you ensure that your marketing budgets are used to their best potential?
    Join us at ENGAGE 2022 for discussions that will cover both the technology trends as well as the practical advice you need to make the most of your digital marketing investment.
  • Retail


    In the age of big data, AI and Machine Learning, how do you keep up with Amazon, Walmart, Target and the rest of the giants of the retail space? How do you leverage technology and digital marketing know-how to stay one step ahead?
    Join the Milestone team at ENGAGE 2022 and see what technologies you should prioritize and invest in for your benefit and that of your consumers.
  • Financial Services

    Financial Services

    "Where is my nearest ATM?" Digital marketing for banks and financial services firms is completely changing. Consumers are no longer willing to wait for information, they want answers and they want them instantaneously. Mistakes won't slow you down, they'll cost you money and lose business.
    Join us at ENGAGE 2022 and learn about the technologies that impact location-based businesses like yours - and the strategies you need to stay ahead.
  • Hospitality


    Voice search, AI, Personalization, ADA, GDPR, it's enough to make your head spin. How do you balance the need to keep your hospitality business in front of the pack with your guest needs and privacy requirements? How do you make sure that your digital marketing strategy strikes the right balance between satisfying technology and presenting your property in an appropriate and accurate way that targets the right consumer?
    Join us at ENGAGE 2022 and learn all about the trends driving digital marketing and see how strategy drives your omnichannel presence with the perfect balance of technology, initiatives and carefully crafted consumer personas.
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