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Power Your Content Marketing With Schemas 

What is schema? Great question. Schemas are how search engines "understand" your content, yet only 30% of websites use any schemas at all. The reason? While schemas are very useful for your search presence, adding them manually is time-consuming and costly. Most websites with schemas will simply add a basic "website" schema and call it done.
Milestone Schema introduces a new way of managing schemas on your site. With our innovative "software + services" approach, research the schemas, build them for your site, and give you a few lines of code to add to your site. From then on it's automatic!
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How Do Schemas Work?

Schema Software for Location Based Business

Boost the footprint of local pages and websites on search engines

Schema Software for Local Business

Schemas are the backbone of the modern search engine. Schemas are how Google, Bing and systems like Apple and Alexa get "context" about your website content. With schemas you define for search what your business is, products you offer, hours, and tons of other information.
  • Schemas are how search engines understand your content
  • Only 30% of websites have schemas
  • Schemas go far beyond "website" and "business"
Making Schema Management Simple

Making Schema Management Simple

Milestone Schema makes it easy for us to create and maintain schemas for your website. We can create all relevant schemas, be it for your business, your products, your services, even your locations - and then publish them to your website by simply adding a few lines of code. We do the hard work, so you don't have to.
  • Milestone Schemas are pushed onto your website without effort
  • We create the schemas, so no changes needed on your website
  • Schemas are updated regularly by Milestone
Software + Services, the Milestone Difference

Software + Services, the Milestone Difference

The key is our unique "software + services" approach. Milestone has been in the business of digital marketing for more than 20 years. We do all the heavy lifting with our platform to publish your schemas. All your IT and web teams need to do is integrate your website with our platform. It's often done in literally minutes.
  • Effort-free on your part, just add a few lines of code
  • Schemas for location, product and services pages
  • 100% managed by Milestone
Is Your Business Schema Rich?

Is Your Business Schema Rich?

Ready to see if your website is built with schema? Click over to Google's schema testing tool and enter your website URL - then see what Google says. If you have only one schema - or worse, none at all - come back and get in touch. The results will amaze you.
  • Test your site for schemas with Google
  • Full service product gives you schemas with zero effort
  • Free your IT and website teams from managing the code

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