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Nov 16 2010

Milestone Internet Marketing Launches eBuzz Connect 2.0 Reviews Monitoring System with Key Features to Enhance Hotel Performance on Reviews and Social Media Channels

Santa Clara, CA - November 16, 2010 - Milestone Internet Marketing announced today the release of eBuzz ConnectTM 1.3, the next generation of the award-winning online Social Media Management solution that allows hotels, restaurants, and travel businesses to monitor, manage, and respond to reviews and comments in various online channels from an integrated single interface.

As social media continues to grow in popularity, an increasing number of hotel guests are inclined to share their experiences with the world through these channels. It is imperative for hoteliers to keep an eye on what is being said about their hotel in the online world. Moreover, hoteliers can use this as a way to gather information needed to improve services, brand perception, and increase hotel bookings. However, it can be a tedious process for hoteliers to log in to every single social media channel, scan through hotel mentions, identify items to focus on, and determine the plan of action.

eBuzz ConnectTM provides a consolidated view of hotel's position on all the review channels, online travel agencies, and social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Milestone launched the service initially in 2009 and has continued to invest in the tool adding more features to make the tool more actionable and focused on driving revenue.

For eBuzz ConnectTM 1.3, Milestone focused on four important elements that will further help hotels take more actions and generate revenue from their social media efforts:

  1. Easily identify the most important social media factors and items that needs hoteliers' attention
  2. Industry's first tool to integrate workflow for coordinating responses to reviews between different personnel and departments of the hotel
  3. Easily view the activity on channels and how effective the hotel staff is utilizing the channels
  4. Tracking return on investments

The enhanced version of eBuzz ConnectTM minimizes the time hoteliers need to spend tracking and sorting through social media and online reviews mentions, and gives them more time to focus on actionable items to increase guest satisfaction, customer loyalty, online traffic, and overall hotel revenue. The restructured dashboard provides a single screen on which all the relevant information is available at a glance.

"eBuzz ConnectTM has significantly helped us improve our quality of services at our hotels and has had a direct impact on our revenue," said Gary Gutierrez, CEO of HRI Lodging. "Our team uses eBuzz to monitor the social media channels and engage in conversations with our customers, which has improved our profile with our customers as well as helped us land new customers that were previously staying with our competitors. Tool's new internal workflow feature has made it very efficient for our teams to review the comments and determine action plans," he added.

eBuzz ConnectTM 1.3 recently won the Web Marketing Association's Outstanding Achievement award in the Web Applications category. Previously, eBuzz ConnectTM won the HSMAI's Silver Adrian.

For more information about this product and Milestone, or to sign up for a free trial, call (888) 350-8396 or email:

Milestone Internet Marketing Launches eBuzz Connect 2.0 Reviews Monitoring System with Key Features to Enhance Hotel Performance on Reviews and Social Media Channels
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