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What is JSON schema?

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a lightweight and open standard file format to store and transport data from a server to a web page. Though it is a Java Script subset, JSON is a language-independent data format and offers flexibility for many modern languages (Python for example) to generate and parse code and can also be used as an alternative for XML in AJAX systems. JSON is preferred by programmers across the world as it is self-describing and easily understandable for humans to assimilate the context of the code and for machines to parse and generate as well.
A fine example of JSON flexibility is its use to implement Schema code in the JavaScript. Using the JSON-LD extension, programmers can embed the schema code in 'script' tags at the head of a document (moving out of HTML body) - independent of the data it described below. This makes the process of adding schema to website code streamlined as it can be easily templated and any additions, updates, alteration and removal of code to match the schema and its properties can be done with ease.
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What is JSON schema?
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