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Food Distributor Cash-Wa Captures 39% More Leads​

Food distributor Cash-Wa updates website, adds schemas and AMP, increases mobile speed 3.5X more than competitors and captures 39% more leads​
Faced with stiff competition, Cash-Wa wanted to update their website, improve the technical SEO and performance and enhance the user experience to drive more B2B leads and catalog requests.​ Milestone created a plan and website to deliver those results. Click on Download case study link

Milestone approached the problem by deploying two key strategies:​


New website:

Milestone designed a new website that better engages and converts customers. The redesign and on-page SEO has led to a dramatic improvement in visibility, traffic, and results. The new website conforms to current legal standards and protects them from lawsuits.

Advanced schemas:

Using Milestone's error-free advanced schema solution, deployed more than a dozen schema types that boost presence in rich search results and FAQs about products. Milestone software monitors and automatically updates the schemas as guidelines change and update.

Milestone solution included:

Engaging, Mobile-First Websites
Compelling designs, adaptive responsive websites that drive revenue and buyer engagement. ​
Optimized for SEO ​
Prospects find your website when they search on Google or Bing for food or menu items. Websites have latest search-friendly technologies—schemas, AMP, image optimization, speed, and HTML catalogs. ​
Fast Loading
​ Want to be 40% to 100% faster than all competitors? Fastest-performing sites for best user experience and search performance. More speed means more revenue. ​ ​
High-Performing Mobile
Mobile-first user experience with advanced mobile technology, such as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) results in 5-10 points higher traffic from mobile. ​
ADA Conformance and Data Privacy
​ Conform with WCAG AA 2.1 guidelines and GDPR and CCPA data privacy laws. ​
Voice Search-Ready ​
Site technology is ready for the future of search—voice search with schema tags to rank first on digital assistants. ​ ​
Listed and Visible in Search Engines ​
Your information is listed accurately on Google and Bing so customers can find you and engage with your content.​


  • 39% increase In requests for proposals and become a member requests
  • 25% increase In new users arriving from the organic channel
  • 36% increase In phone calls
  • 30% Increase in revenue and leads from Google and Bing
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