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Facebook Sweepstakes
Our award-winning Facebook sweepstakes and social media contests for hotels and businesses drive quality traffic
and assisted revenue to sites through direct consumer engagement.
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Facebook Social Media Contest and Plan for Hotels

Milestone has won numerous awards for its Facebook and social media contests for hotels in terms of cutting-edge design, robust content and execution. We create exciting social media campaigns that incentivize targeted audiences to interact with our hotel clients and perpetuate the sharing and liking of the hotel's information. We focus on the quality of the hotel's audience to ensure that its social media message reaches the community that will respond and share it.
Our award-winning Facebook Sweepstakes products drive traffic across multiple social networks, and ultimately guide consumers to the hotel's business. These unique and highly targeted campaigns are designed to entice your market and get them excited about your product or experience.
With search engines placing high importance on social signals and engagement, hotels need to increase their social media presence, fan engagement, and overall social reach. Milestone develops Facebook sweepstakes to help hotels grow their social media fan-base.

Reasons to Plan and Run a Social Media Marketing Contest:

  • Drive visibility to the hotel
  • Increase Facebook fan-base through social sharing
  • Enhance user experience
  • Increase fan loyalty
  • Increase social referral traffic and conversion to their brand and hotel websites
  • Capture email leads
Facebook Social Media Contest and Plan for Hotels
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