Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc. is pleased to announce today the release of its 3rd generation of eBuzz Connect™, a social media and reviews monitoring solution specifically targeted for hotels, restaurants, and vacation rentals. The new enhanced version of eBuzz Connect provides advanced features as well as highlights data hotels need most for effective online reputation management.

Milestone did extensive market research on reviews analysis and found that the most pressing challenge relates to gauging the sentiment of each review. Let's say a guest rates your hotel an overall 4.5 stars, but then expresses disappointment in the high parking fees. Without breaking down the review by category or topic, this negative comment may be overlooked due to the positive guest rating. Our tool's simple-to-use reviews and sentiment analysis will ensure that all potential issues are flagged.

New System Highlights:

For more information and pricing on eBuzz Connect, please contact Milestone Internet Marketing at or 888-350-8396.

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Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc. is a leading provider of Internet marketing solutions for the lodging industry. Milestone's portfolio of services includes Hotel Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click marketing, Social Media Optimization, and eBuzz Connect™ Online Reputation Monitoring. A preferred vendor for several major lodging industry brands, Milestone also works with some of the top management companies. In addition, Milestone is recognized as a cutting-edge lodging industry educator for its Hotels to HTMLs Internet marketing workshops and book. For more information, please visit or call 888-350-8396.

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