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Responsive Mobile Website Design Built For Micro Moments

More than 60% of web traffic is mobile. Users on smart phones and tablets are the new standard. Mobile search is constantly evolving as users look for answers instead of just information. Our adaptive-responsive mobile designs tailor the user experience to the device without taxing the device itself. Our approach to adaptive mobile site design is based on user experience and behavior, with content prioritized for micro-moments and real-life usability and conversion.
Adaptive-responsive technology

Adaptive-responsive technology

Let the server do the heavy lifting
Unlike traditional responsive websites, Milestone's mobile designs present the optimal experience based on the device-type by doing all the "heavy lifting" on the server. The device is not responsible for reformatting the site on the fly. This means faster response times, lower abandonment rates and happier customers.
  • Device-optimized sites
  • Server-based approach for speed
  • Get to 90+ on PageSpeed for mobile
Mobile Websites

Mobile websites

We work at your pace
If you have an established website, keep your site independent for now. When you are ready to redesign your website, we can make your site mobile responsive. If you have a complex site, we can build and optimize custom mobile and tablet solutions to drive specific revenue.
  • Flexible approach based on your needs
  • Migrate at once, or over time
AMP Mobile pages

AMP mobile pages

Mobile websites that load near instantaneously
Milestone was the first vendor in the hospitality space, and one of the first non-publishers to adopt Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology resulting in impressive performance for our clients. AMP pages can load in a fraction of a second of traditional mobile pages and result in higher conversion rates and higher ROI.
  • AMP sites that are blazing fast
  • Faster engagement for consumers
  • Leverage the latest in mobile

Key Features of Milestone Mobile sites:

  • Easy to navigate - single click access to directions and contacts
  • Auto flips content horizontally or vertically
  • Photo Gallery with swiping features
  • Maintain main domain relevancy
  • Easy to edit in CMS
  • Automatic user agent detection - renders based on device
  • Designs and layouts optimize based on device type
  • SEO, Schemas, and Meta Tags enabled
  • Tracking and Analytics
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