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Schemas FAQs

Schema FAQs
  • What does Milestone Research say?

    Schemas increase non-brand traffic share
    Optimizing for non-branded content is essential for any website to receive new organic traffic, and it helps the content be visible and rank high in the SERPs. Based on our findings, non-branded content tagged with relevant schemas increased the non-branded traffic share by 121%.The average share of non-branded traffic increased from 15.4% to 33.9%.
    Schemas increase organic traffic
    Not just the overall organic traffic of a website, but schemas implemented for each page of content increased the organic traffic per page by over 59%. This is an indexed number and is calculated by dividing the total lift in traffic by the number of pages of the website with some pages seeing large gains and some unaffected. This indexing analysis allows pages of different sizes and types to be compared. Not every page will see this lift as the underlying content and relevancy of the page drives visibility.
    The Milestone Research team saw that schemas are not a binary element that is on or off, but a very complicated set of elements on a spectrum from basic to advanced with quality measured as error-full to error-free. At the heart of the impact is the quality and relevancy of the underlying content, if that is poor, the schemas will have little to no impact as we all as users would hope and expect.
    Therefore, start with a technically solid site that is easy to use, helpful, and loads fast on both mobile and desktop. Next add in content that is useful and addresses the questions and queries people have about your industry and brand. Produce all of the popular asset types: text, FAQs, images, infographics, and video. Then add in error-free advanced schemas, using the most relevant types and properties from the 829 types listed at to expose the facts and answers in your content.
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