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Marketing FAQs

Marketing FAQs
  • What are FAQs and why do businesses need them?

    FAQs or Frequently Answered Questions, as the name suggests, are those questions that are commonly asked by customers or potential customers. Instead of repeatedly answering each query, businesses can publish these common questions on their websites, local directories (such as Google My Business, Yelp) or to voice assistants. Therefore, customers can discover the answers to their questions even before they ask. Here are some reasons why publishing FAQs is a MUST today:
    • Voice Search: The question & answer format of FAQs match the conversational answer type of voice search. Therefore, there are higher chances of FAQs getting picked as a preferred voice answer
    • Consistent Brand Image: Customers use multiple channels to look up for answers about business. If FAQs are managed well and are consistent across all channels, that builds trust among customers while building a consistent answer about the brand.
    • Customer Experience: Searching and not finding answers about a business can get frustrating. By proactively answering common questions, businesses deliver a superior experience to customers looking for answers.
    • Reduce Support Time: By publishing answers to commonly asked questions, businesses can reduce the time spent by sales & support teams on individually answering the same question to multiple customers.
    • SEO: FAQs are a great content for SEO purposes and help improve rankings in conventional search.
    Milestone FAQ Manager helps you realize these benefits of effective FAQ management while removing all complexities that are involved in manually managing FAQs across digital channels for multiple locations of your business. The FAQ Manager is an end-to-end FAQ Management solution that lets businesses curate customer questions across channels & locations; and helps publish verified answers to voice assistants and other channels.
  • What are the best sources to collate FAQ content?

    When collating a list of FAQs for your business website, the priority should be content relevancy which means that answering the queries of your customers about your business’s service and products should be your approach. Having FAQs that are sourced from local GMB Q&A, other local directories, chat bot queries, search listening tools with questions of local-flavored content and trends, should be your source to create custom FAQs that cover all aspects of your business and the needs of customers.
  • Why is it important to ensure consistent brand answers across all sources?

    There thousands of touchpoints from where customers will be trying to access information and having inconsistent brand answers online will not only mislead and frustrate your customers, it will result in you losing on potential sales and possible revenue. In addition, having consistent brand answers online not only builds a stong brand image, it instills trust in customers and will lead to higher engagement and rankings as Google will view the website and brand as one that is trustworthy.
  • Are Local Questions & Answers Important?

    According to a ComScore Study, 88 percent of smartphone users and 84 percent of tablet owners conduct local searches which are focused around hours of services, directions to the business, address of the business and queries related to product availability. Ensuing that you have FAQs that are locally flavored are integral if you wish to be found by potential customer easily. Of course, not having such content will just add to the frustration of a potential customer and you’ll end up losing potential sales. Monitoring your GMB Q&A and that of other local directories is essential to ensure that you know the needs of your customers and addressing their concerns in a timely manner.
  • Why is Voice Search important? How can FAQs help get found in Voice search?

    27% of the world population and 58% of the population of the United States of America are using voice search to find their answers and most of these voice search queries are about local businesses or local-flavored content. Ensuring that your business website is optimized for voice search is critical for customers to find you. Voice search is focused on long-tail queries and conversational content and FAQ are the perfect medium to create content that is conversation, long-tail and be that single answer that is picked for a voice search queries.
  • Will content freshness improve my ranking on search? Do FAQs count as fresh content?

    While there is no way to say that fresh content will ensure you website content latches on to the top search results for queries, Google emphasizes on content relevancy. Think about it, what’s news today is archived tomorrow and ensuring that your website content stays relevant is a must for Google to deem it relevant and be the right answer to a query on search. Products and services are forever evolving, and so is your brand, and ensuring that your content keeps up should be the priority. In addition, it gives your website the scope of adding fresh links and answering the most recent queries or concerns of your customers. Of course, FAQs are an excellent medium to have fresh content on your website. FAQs are forever evolving based on the progress of your business - with the products and services on offer, and it’s any easy way to answer the concerns of your customers – which adds up to content relevancy.
  • What sets Milestone FAQ Manager apart when compared to other tools in the market?

    The Milestone FAQ Manager is perhaps one of the most complete and end-to-end FAQ Management solutions in the market. While some tools in the market allow you to manage your GMB listing, some others let you create voice answers. However, the FAQ Manager helps you take a scientific approach towards sourcing and publishing content across local channels and voice assistants, for multiple business locations from one place, thus ensuring that your answers are consistent and get noticed everywhere users are looking for. The answers get published as “Verified Answers” thus establishing the authority over other user-generated answers. The benefits do not end here – Multi-location management, bulk upload capabilities and one-click publishing makes FAQ Manager a powerful technology solution for all businesses – no matter how big or small. Some factors that help Milestone FAQ Manager stand out:
    • Single-view multi-location dashboard: Complete visibility into customer questions across all channels & all locations
    • Content Curation: Curate across local listings across multiple locations
    • Bulk Upload: Bulk upload Questions & answers
    • One-click publishing: click to publish across channels
    • Publish verified answers: Publish verified answers on voice assistants and GMB
    • Ability to channel information directly into voice assistants (without any coding)
    All these make Milestone FAQ Manager an amazing tool that makes FAQ management simple and voice search friendly.
  • How does Milestone FAQ Manager work?

    Milestone FAQ Manager’s Curation Engine lets you listen to your Google My Business listings across all your business’ locations. The FAQ Manager provides an editing interface where you can add responses to the questions, add new question and answer pairs. The FAQ Manager’s Publisher then publishes these edited responses and question and answer pairs in bulk to the GMB listings as well as Google Voice assistant for multiple locations.
  • What is Milestone FAQ Manager?

    Milestone FAQ Manager is an end-to-end FAQ Management solution that lets businesses curate customer questions across channels & locations; and helps publish verified answers to voice assistants and other channels. The FAQ Manager can help you drive the following benefits:
    • Preferred answer on Voice devices
    • Local rank improvement
    • Consistent branding
  • What are the main challenges of managing FAQs?

    Delivering consistent answers across channels for a multi-location is complex. Here is why:
    • Curating questions and then optimizing and publishing them as FAQs for voice assistants involves a complex process.
    • Brands evolve. So does their answers! Ensuring consistency across multiple channels over time is challenging.
    • Timely response to customer queries across multi-locations is daunting and not scalable without effective FAQ management.
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