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Can you optimize an App to be more visible in Apple Store and Google Play?

Considering that there are millions of apps, ensuring visibility of your app could be a genuine challenge and you could approach like how you would carry out SEO of a website to ensure it is visible on Page 1 to get the highest clicks and impressions. When optimizing your apps on Play Stores, follow the steps:
  • Carry out in-depth market research and identify keywords The first step is to know your competition and analyze what they are doing to achieve visibility. Take note of all the meta data factors (title, icon, developer name, screenshots, description, feature graphic) that they are displaying and achieving success. The next step is to use keyword tools to know the searches and queries on Play Stores that are trending, and jot down the most-used long-tail keywords that you can use in your meta data.
  • Carry out an A/B testing Google has an A/B testing tool integrated into the Google Play Console and you could use it to make a comparison. Make two listings with all the required meta data and elements and make a comparison based on the results each listing will fetch you.
  • Track the performance of the App Like you can change the content of a website to make it more relevant and click-worthy, you can change the meta data of your App to improve its performance. Scrutinize the performance of the keywords that you have used and decide whether it needs to be changed or updated. Basically, optimize your content until you see positive changes.
    Pay close attention to the URL structure of your App, this can't be changed and needs to be concise and have the most appropriate keyword to feature in the search list. Next, ensure that your title, developer name, and description include the keywords of your research (ones that will work) and are catchy to get the user sure that the App is what he/she wants. The screenshots, icon, and feature graphic should be good enough to grab the attention of the user.
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Can you optimize an App to be more visible in Apple Store and Google Play?
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