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Why Entity Search Matters in 2022

Google is trying to improve the searcher experience by surfacing more relevancy into their search results by understanding intent and removing ambiguity on the content they discover - which is clearly seen from their shift from keyword-based SEO to entity-based SEO.
Moving to an entity-based strategy means more context for search engines, robust content, and better visibility on search for relevant queries.
Major Challenge For All Business

Your Target Audience is Not Seeing Your Content

As the digital space gets more competitive and congested, getting found on relevant searches is a challenge for every business. Building a strong entity strategy with entity optimization in mind is key to nudge ahead of your competition.
Why entity and semantic search is important?

Why Entity and Semantic Search is Important?

As search has evolved from keywords to conversational content, the latest algorithms such as MUM and LAMDA use AI and entity search to decipher the congestion and provide more contextual results (across all types of searches) based on the customer intent.
Schema: The Key Ingredient to Entity Optimization

Schema: The Key Ingredient to Entity Optimization

Schema helps search engines recognize the entities and their relationships on the web page and they've proved to drive visible results.

Impact of Schema:

According to Milestone Research, Schema strenghtens entities for better visibility. That said, it's not that simple. Painting the picture between schema, entities, content and its layout, are essential and our 5-step entity optimization framework is your ticket.

Milestone Inc. @ Brighton SEO, 7 April 2022

Join our President and Founder, Benu Aggarwal, @Brighton SEO, April 7th, 2022, as she'll walk you through the strategic Entity Optimization Workflow and How It Is Your Competitive Advantage.
Missing out on Brighton SEO? Worry not. Here's the presentation slides and we'll circulate the video following the event.
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