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Digital Media Advertising Case Studies: A Daytona Resort

A Daytona resort famous for its scenic beach experience and family vacations in Florida

Engagement rate increased by 136% using Milestone paid marketing recovery strategies

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  • 136%
    Increase in Engagement rate
  • 81%
    Decrease in Cost per action
  • 55%
    Decrease in Average Cost per Click
  • 15.2%
    in Clickthrough rate

The Challenge

The beach resort wanted to increase website traffic and audience engagement in order to drive a higher number of users to the booking engine while reducing cost per action.

The Solution

Milestone approached the challenge by deploying the following key recovery strategies:

  1. Targeting: After studying the latest industry trends, geo-location targeting was deployed to attract local audience across Florida zip codes. This helped to increase the conversion rates of website while lowering the cost.
  2. Ad Copies & Ad Extensions: Text ad copies were revised with relevant messages; travel times and safety measures increased the CTR. Ad copies and ad extensions were focused on guest safety, which boosted confidence of the travelers.
  3. Keywords: New trending keywords were added. "Open hotels," "Safe hotels."
  4. Device Bid: Bids were adjusted to make sure that the hotel runs ads on devices which have performed well in the past.


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