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Amstar DMC Success Story

Leading Travel Management Company Increases Impression Share on Search by 173% and Clicks to Website by 104% Using Milestone Schema Manager
"We chose Milestone because they provided the most comprehensive solution for us. Their products + services approach is unique and gives us both the tools we need as well as access to deep industry expertise."
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  • 209%
    Impressions on mobile devices
  • 144%
    Clicks to website from mobile devices
  • 29%
    Improvement in avg. position of listings on Google search

About Amstar DMC

Amstar DMC provides world-class destination services and guided tours to individuals, travel agencies, tour operators, corporations and meeting planners. They have a track record of 30 years delivering exceptional experiences in some of the world's most beautiful spots: think Mexico, Jamaica, The Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Curacao, St. Martin, Aruba, and Hawaii.

About the project

Amstar DMC primary objective was to drive post-pandemic visibility on search engines and increase CTR & Organic traffic to website. They reached out to Milestone to leverage Milestone Schema Manager - The team researched and identified schema types most suited for travel info, website, and services pages.

What Milestone did

Milestone implemented advanced schemas across the website:
  • Milestone Schema Manager: The team researched and identified schema types most suited for travel info, website, and services pages.
  • Schemas, including Trip, Service/Product, ItemList, ImageGallery, VideoObject, WebPage, TravelAgency were deployed across website to gain awareness & discoverability across search engines.
  • These schemas provided enriched data on search results for Featured Snippets, Product Rich Results, and People Also Ask results.


Post-pandemic increase (comparing to 2019), the client recorded:
  • Impressions from mobile devices on Google search increased by 209%
  • Clicks to website from mobile devices increased to 144%
  • Avg. Position of website on Google search improved by 29%
  • 69K impressions from Product Rich Results
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