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Building Relationships with Local Search Marketing Partners and Data Sources

Milestone Inc. has strategic partnerships with major search engines, local directories, and travel service providers, as well as the leading hotel and resort companies, hospitality associations, and universities around the country. As a local seo marketing company, we have worked with these partners to create dynamic marketing and technology solutions for businesses and help evolve the digital landscape.
  • Search & Technology

    • Google
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    • Facebook
    • Maps Connect
    • Here
    • TomTom
    • Foursquare
    • TripAdvisor
    • Travel weekly
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    • Event Up
    • Navmii
    • LSA Member
    • Uber
    • Conductor - Milestone Inc. Search & Technology
    • Sojern - Milestone Inc. Search & Technology
    • Olo - Milestone Inc. Search & Technology

    Hospitality companies, universities, and associations

    • Milestone Inc. Partner- Best Western
    • Milestone Inc. Partner- Wyndham Worldwide
    • Milestone Inc. Partner- Hyatt
    • Milestone Inc. Partner- Hilton
    • Milestone Inc. Partner- Cornell University, Center for Hospitality Research
    • Milestone Inc. Partner- Interstate Hotels Resorts
    • Milestone Inc. Partner- Prism Hotel & Resorts
    • Milestone Inc. Partner-Remington
    • Milestone Inc. Partner- LaQuinta Inns & Suites
    • Milestone Inc. Partner- Davidson Hotels & Resorts
    • Milestone Inc. Partner- AAHOA
    • Milestone Inc. Partner- hsmai
    • Milestone Inc. Partner- ahla
  • Milestone Inc. Announces Apple Business Connect Integration

    Milestone Inc. Announces Apple Business Connect Integration

    Milestone Inc announced an integration with Apple Business Connect, a free tool allowing businesses to take control of how they appear to more than a billion Apple users.
    Milestone's Apple Business Connect integration will help Milestone's clients keep key business information up-to-date and accurate in Apple Maps and across other Apple apps, thus improving the overall digital presence and reach of its clients. With Milestone's integration with Apple Business Connect, businesses can claim and update their local listings at scale - all from a single dashboard. Within Business Connect, businesses can enhance their place cards with rich media (images, cover photo), attributes, special hours, and more.
    With the Showcases feature in Business Connect, businesses can present customers with special offers and incentives in the Maps place card, like seasonal menu items, product discounts, and more. Businesses can also provide customers with useful information by highlighting Actions for them to take directly from the Maps place card, including ordering food, buying tickets to a show, booking a reservation, and more, through third-party apps with just a tap.
    Milestone customers will now have access to our integrated Business Insights & Performance reporting to ensure they have a consolidated view of how customers are engaging with their place cards across locations.
    According to Sathya Krishnamurthy, Chief Product Officer of Milestone Inc., "Our integration with Apple Business Connect is a testament to our commitment to provide our clients with the most comprehensive suite of platforms to improve their overall digital presence and reach."
    "Our integration with Apple Business Connect will strengthen our goal to help businesses achieve their desired outcomes in the most efficient and effective way possible," said Anil Aggarwal, CEO of Milestone Inc.
    Read our press release
  • Milestone Inc. Partners with Olo as Official Connect Developer Partner

    Milestone Inc. Partners with Olo as Official Connect Developer Partner

    Milestone Inc. announces its integration with Olo Inc. (NYSE: OLO), a leading restaurant technology provider, as an official Olo Connect Developer Partner. This integration enables businesses to expand website management beyond Milestone's platform and incorporate the restaurant capabilities provided by Olo.
    The collaboration harnesses the power of Olo's Omnivore API, which scales online ordering for numerous restaurant locations, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming direct integrations for POS systems. This partnership facilitates a faster time-to-market for technology companies.
    Key highlights of the Olo partnership include compliance with their API standards and completion of Olo's Terms of Use (ToU) security and privacy assessments. The highlight of the Olo-Milestone partnership is a bespoke immersive ordering experience on your website, driving increased bookings while staying up to date with live inventory.
    With this integration, Milestone enhances its offerings to hospitality and restaurant clients through the Milestone Platform, providing a host of benefits:
    • End-to-End Hospitality Technology: Olo's modular platform enables "Hospitality at Scale™" for restaurants, enabling them to cater to evolving guest expectations and drive more dining occasions.
    • Streamlined Payment Processes: Modernizing payment processes ensures every transaction is smoother and more secure for both businesses and customers. Milestone is also integrated with Olo Pay, offering an even smoother payment experience for customers.
    • Data-Driven Insights: Businesses can collect, analyze, and act on data to create more meaningful guest experiences, driving loyalty and revenue growth.
    "Our integration with Olo Connect and Olo Pay underscores our commitment to providing clients with the most comprehensive suite of platforms to enhance their digital presence and reach for restaurants, hotels in the hospitality industry." - Sathya Krishnamurthy, Chief Product Officer, Milestone Inc.
    Read our press release
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