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Webinar Recap: Generative AI - Nov 2023

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Webinar Recap: How to Secure Digital Presence and Grow Revenue from AI Powered Search

During the session, the fireside chat between Barry Schwartz and Benu Aggarwal provided insights into the current trends in the search industry and how AI-powered search is impacting SERP results. Our industry SEO experts, Susan Connelly and Tushar Prabhu, also shared recent best practices on using AI-powered search to increase revenue and effective AI strategy creation for your websites.
  • How to maximize share of voice across all channels
  • How do you optimize for AI Overviews
  • Google Leaks and what they mean for marketers
  • Why your digital assets - from images to videos and PDFs - matter more than ever before
  • How to maximize engagement and conversions in the changing search landscape
  • Steps for creating an effective AI strategy for your organization
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