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Webinar Recap: Generative AI - Nov 2023

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Webinar Recap: How Generative AI Can Enhance Your Website's Digital Experience and Learn Generation

During this session, Milestone experts Mike Supple, and Ritika Chugh discussed about Milestone AI Content Studio and how it enhance your website's digital experience, helps in lead generation and improves SEO optimization. Our speakers also demonstrated the potential of the Milestone's AI Content Studio, can effortlessly streamline your content and assets management along with SEO optimizing score.
  • Content discovery is a real problem to solve, consumers spend majority of time in content discovery and only about 18% in engagement and conversion.
  • Future of generative search and content marketing is evolving!
  • An end-to-end solution that includes content intelligence, generation and measurement will empower a business to formulate a strategy that covers every stage of the journey.
  • A good CMS platform with SEO-first capabilities is important to future proof your business as it helps drive discovery and conversion.
  • When used right, AI tools can be leveraged to enhance the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and improve lead conversion.
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