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Webinar Recap: Hospitality Marketing Trends and How to Budget for 2024

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Webinar Recap: Hospitality Marketing Trends and How to Budget for 2024

During the session, Milestone experts Tammie Carlisle, Craig Carbonniere, and Mary Chin discussed ways and explored the latest trends and budgeting tactics that will shape the hospitality digital marketing landscape in 2024. Our speakers also shared the art of crafting a dynamic online presence that's perfectly aligned with the AI-driven search and personalized digital interactions of today's world and how to budget for it.
  • Invest in platforms with Artificial Intelligence to improve discovery and future-proof your website
  • Strengthen SEO foundation to benefit from Google AI Enhancements such as Search Generative Experience
  • Assign resources to image and video optimization or leverage a Digital Asset Management software to scale this effort
  • Focus budget on all stages of the customer journey
  • Ensure you are not double paying for various tools
  • Utilize tools to provide insight and competitive intelligence
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