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Webinar Recap: Conductor

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Webinar Recap: Future Proofing Your SERP Strategy in an AI-Powered World

In our recent insightful session, experts Patrick Reinhart, and Benu Aggarwal delved into key areas on shaping the future of search. From emerging trends to AI advancements and the impact of Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE), the discussion offered insights on key success metrics, AI-driven content strategies, and vital technical SEO tactics.
  • Unveiling top search trends for 2024, including Impact of Google Search Generative experience on search results.
  • Understanding different key SERP result types and their relevance in the evolving landscape.
  • Exploring measurement criteria for new SERP elements and deciphering their implications.
  • Discovering the 4-Pillars for Search Marketing Success: Discovery, Authority, Experience, Engagement, and Business Insights.
  • Measuring the right metrics, including zero-click and visual & Engagement KPIs.
  • Strategies to future-proof your assets, content, and drive more qualified traffic.
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