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Webinar Recap: Why Content Discovery, Omnichannel Experience, and Acquisition is a Critical Must-Have for Your Platform Strategy

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Webinar Recap: Elevate Your Website CMS with AI for Google’s Search Generative Experience or Fall Behind

During the session, Milestone experts Mike Supple, and Ritika Chugh discussed ways to enhance your online presence for the next era of web experiences. They shared the importance of personalizing your website, optimizing entities, creating helpful content, ensuring local visibility, and adhering to Google's SGE. Also, they have provided practical strategies to make your online presence stronger, more user-friendly, and aligned with the evolving digital landscape.
  • Understand the role of Generative AI in content management and SEO enhancement.
  • Explore different aspects of Google's Search Generative Experience.
  • Learn how AI-driven content creation improves customer engagement and experience.
  • Gain insights into the integration of Generative AI with your existing CMS.
  • Discover strategies to harness the power of Generative AI for a competitive edge.
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