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Multivariate Testing Tools For Success

Similar to an A/B test, multi-variate tests are designed to test changes to small elements of a site, but include the option to test changes to multiple elements - the color of a button, shrinking an image, or moving a link higher on the page - with the goal of improving conversion.
Heatmap analysis of the page
Heatmap Analysis Of The Page
Our process begins with a heatmap analysis of the existing page being tested (typically a home page). We carefully evaluate the performance of the page to understand user behavior on-site.
Hypothesis proposed for redesigned experience
Hypothesis Proposed For Redesigned Experience
The next step is to create a hypothesis of observed user behavior and of changes that may be necessary to achieve pre-determined goals, such as an increase in conversions.
Redesigned page
Redesigned Page
The page is then redesigned based on the determined hypothesis and is programmed and prepared for the actual test.
Split test to evaluate hypothesis
Split Test To Evaluate Hypothesis
The two pages are then tested, side by side, with an equal split of traffic, and are observed based on the pre-determined testing criteria. The winning page is chosen after enough visitors have passed statistical significance and the winning page is pushed live.

Our process

There are minimum traffic and duration requirements to implement any A/B testing solution

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