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Customer Success: How to Get a 20:1 ROAS with Personalization

The Don Cesar is a Florida-based independent luxury hotel that enlisted Milestone to revamp their website and to create an omnichannel marketing strategy to drive traffic to the site, leveraging paid media campaigns that were backed by personalization and segmentation.

A new website, a new strategy

The Don Cesar wanted to revamp their website with a focus on precision targeting. They reached out to Milestone because they wanted to go beyond just having a "beautiful site." They also wanted the site to be reflective of the target clients the hotel caters to, and they wanted an accompanying marketing strategy similarly defined.


Leveraging personalization

  • Milestone analyzed the hotel's target demographics and identified that 33% of click volume was driven by a female audience.
  • Further analysis also identified that 12% of click-through traffic was driven by an audience in the 35 to 44 year old age group.
  • The Don Cesar wanted a holistic strategy that focused on the target audience and that leveraged an omnichannel marketing approach.


Persona-based, segmented marketing

Milestone developed a persona-based strategy that focused on several key elements, encompassing the website and a marketing program that included paid media and other channels.
  • A high focus on consistent messaging across all channels.
  • Device-optimized messaging to enhance user experience and relevance.
  • Leverage customer reviews from TripAdvisor for inclusion in ad copy.
  • Smart retargeting  that utilized user behavior was gleaned by observing user interaction with the hotel's website to create focused retargeting advertising.


20:1 ROAS, 175% more pageviews

The website redesign and campaign succeeded beyond anyone's expectations, with a high ROAS of 20:1 and an increase in several key metrics:
  • 20:1 Return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Desktop page speed boosted from 11 ("F") to 98 ( "A")
  • Mobile page speed boosted from 11 ("F") to 90 ("A")
  • Increased keyword presence on page 1 to 3 by 42%
  • 66% additional visits from social channels
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