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September 2016
Key Strategies to Maximize Your 2017 Budget [Webinar Recap]
The Milestone team presented a comprehensive webinar, Key Strategies to Maximize Your 2017 Budget, to alleviate budgeting concerns and unknowns for your 2017 digital plans. If you are tasked with creating your hotel’s marketing budget you will find value in watching! This webinar covers important hospitality goals (such as decreasing dependencies on OTAs) and the digital campaigns to budget for to attain your marketing goals...  read more

Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc
Google to Roll Out Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
Is your website AMP ready? Google announced on August 3rd, 2016 that AMP pages are available beyond the news carousel and in main search engine results pages. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) is Google’s new format for rendering websites and content on mobile phones for faster speeds and download times for user enhanced experience... read more
Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc
The Solmar Story – Website Case Study
Launched in July 2016, the six new websites for Solmar Hotels and Resorts showcase their corporate identity and hotel collection with visually striking designs, stunning images, and engaging content to connect with their audience of luxury vacation and business travelers. Read how Solmar increased revenue with their new websites... read more
Organic and Local search
Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc
Key Organic Ranking Factors 2016
2016 SEO ranking factors were announced on day one at SMX Advanced, the biggest addition to this year’s list was the inclusion of RankBrain as the third most important factor. Along with RankBrain, a few important fluctuations in core technical SEO factors were revealed... read more
Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc
Latest update on Google My Business
The Google Knowledge Graph is one of the first places most users go during the search process. Data on how users interact with the Knowledge Graph is available through the Google My Business (GMB) dashboard, learn how NAPtune is increasing the usability of GMB insights... read more
Content Marketing
Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc
The Moment of Truth – Content Strategies for User Experience and Conversion
The top 10 content strategies that will enhance user experience and drive conversions on your hospitality website... read more
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