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June 22, 2016
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Are You Ready for Multi-Channel Digital Engagement?
Get up to date on the latest trends and strategies for creating a personalized experience on web and mobile. This edition of Milestone Insights highlights how to create converting content, the need for storytelling, latest website design concepts, and proven programming and conversion rate optimization tactics for web and mobile.

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The Moment of Truth – Content Strategies for UX and Conversion
How do we balance art and the user experience in the digital landscape? Designers and writers love to create beautiful images and words, but if customers can’t relate or find what they are looking for, then art is lost in the creative pursuit. The moment of truth in digital marketing is finding the right mix of... Read More>>
It’s All About the User: Crafting User Experience
When creating or redesigning a website, it is easy to get caught up on any number of different aspects – color scheme, purchase funnel, layout, bounce rate; the list goes on. And nobody could fault you for focusing efforts on any of those variables, or any other metric... Read More>>
Mobile Strategy to Win More Customers 
2015 was a significant year when Google searches on mobile devices surpassed that of personal computers for the first time. As per the latest Google research, mobile makes up 88% of all “near me” searches, growing at 146% year over year... Read More>>
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