TripAdvisor Milestone Registrant Notification

As part of our ongoing initiatives for our clients, we are connecting with TripAdvisor to improve your local presence.

You will receive an auto-generated e-mail directly from TripAdvisor this quarter notifying there is a new registrant named "Georgiya Yoveva" with an affiliation "Marketing Agency" of your TripAdvisor listing. There is no need to be alarmed about this email, as Georgiya is Milestone's official representative who manages our relationship with TripAdvisor.

Gaining basic access into your listing will help us provide you better assistance with your local profile. Please note that no action will be taken on your listing currently unless requested or directly specified.

The top reasons we are asking to be affiliated with your listing are (per client's request only):

  • Ensure UNAP consistency
  • Obtain excellence award widget codes and/or review widget codes to implement on hotel website
  • Update amenities, description and photos

To clarify, Milestone will not interfere with the TripAdvisor customer reviews as we are not authorized to manage review responses on your behalf.

Again, no action is needed on your end but if you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Account Manager and/or Georgiya at [email protected]

Trip Advisor Notification


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