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Top 10 Electronic Marketing Must Do's: Define Your Online Marketing Strategy
If you want to secure your share of the lucrative online marketplace, think about all the steps you will take to target Leisure, Corporate, and Group markets for your lodging or resort. Then, create a well-defined e-commerce market plan by clearly identifying the tools that people use to find and book hotels online.

Right Mix of Search Marketing
NetRatings: Google Represent 50 Percent Mark in US Web Searches

Realizing the “New” Powers of Online Local Marketing

  • SideStep Launches Activity Search
  • Top Two to Three Results on search engines come from Local Search Engines!
  • Market your restaurant, spa, meeting facility or any business located in your hotel.
  • Google changes Google Local to Google Maps.
Is Advertising Really Effective?
Our 21st century lives have been bombarded, blurred and “overkilled” with advertising on TV, movies, radio, internet, magazines, newspapers, airplanes, and even on the elevators up to our offices.

Why Do Second, Third and Fourth Positions on PPC Listings Generate Higher Profits?
While it's certain that PPC ads in the #1 position on search engines receive more clicks than ads in any other position, it doesn't mean that they generate more sales. In recent studies, we found that “real buyers” want to look around to get the best price, the best shipping, the best quality, the best guarantee, and, of course. the best product.

AOL Adds New Mobile Search Features
AOL's Mobile Search has a new – really cool - Surf the Web feature that makes it easier to view web pages through a mobile device, such as your cell phone or PDA. Surf the Web is designed to intelligently resize and reformat web pages for easy viewing on a small screen.
See What’s New With Google, Yahoo!, and MSN

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