Measuring The Success (ROI) of Your Search Engine Marketing

One of the most successful and challenging things about marketing on the internet is that the impact of your marketing efforts is measurable. While critical to your initiative, the measurement of true return on investment (ROI) for the lodging industry is a complex exercise since the results manifest themselves across multiple channels. What further compounds the complexity of measuring these results is that often a website that is being marketed and the actual booking engine where the transaction is closed may be on different servers. In this article, we explain the challenges of measuring search engine marketing results and some solutions for accurately tracking your investment returns.

The Challenge of Measuring ROI

It is very challenging to measure the true ROI generated from your SEM efforts. In many cases, visitors leave your website and go to a branded booking engine or stand-alone booking engine to complete the purchase rather than booking directly on the hotel site. Most of the time, the purchasing cycle is closed on a different server and not on the server where your hotel website is hosted. While you can find out the total revenue booked through your site, it’s quite difficult to do sophisticated tracking, such as key word conversions, organic and paid conversions, unless you embed tracking codes in the back-end on booking engine pages. [more]

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