Effective Email Marketing

Book Rooms and Build Relationships

Email marketing is one of the most effective communication and promotion vehicles in the internet marketplace. Ninety percent of internet users and fifty-six percent of all Americans use email on a regular basis (source: e-marketeer Aug. 2006). Hotels benefit from email marketing because it's fast, direct, cost-effective, and builds loyal relationships. It is one of the lowest cost channels available to the lodging industry to book rooms and build customer relationships. [more]

Lodging Industry Blogs

By creating a blog for your hotel, you will be able to attract visitors looking for things to do in your destination. Milestone blogs are "destination centric," meaning that they are pages discussing dining, local attractions, transportation, local events, etc. We use your hotel as the Featured Property situated within the destination. With pages of the blog discussing all of the local draws to your surrounding area, you will be positioned to capture demand which you’ve never drawn in before. Milestone will create pages relevant to your business, post articles on different destination-related subjects, and offer a platform for others to write their comments or opinions on that post. [more]

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  Hitec, Orlando, June 27
  Hotels to HTMLs Workshop
    - Cromwell, CT, Jun 13
    - Redding, CA, Jun 30
    - Orlando, FL, Jun 27
    - San Diego, CA, Jul 9
    - Portland, OR, Aug 7
    - Fort Worth, TX, Aug 14

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Milestone’s top 10 is a reader favorite. In this issue, we will cover Milestone’s Top 10 Website Programming Guidelines.
1. Use clean CSS
    (cascading style sheets)     codes
2. If websites are built on a     dynamic platform, make
    sure that your Content     Management System is     search engine friendly.

Search Engines On The Move With e-Travel
With the recent launch of the Yahoo! Trip Recommendations module, it’s evident that travel research continues to significantly evolve. [more]

Hotels, Meet Your New Sales Person: Consumer Generated Content
In a study completed by Compete, Inc. it was found that over $10 billion per year in online travel is influenced by consumer generated content. [more]

Google Now Mixing News Into Organic [more]

Google 411 [more]

Google Launches Pay Per Action [more]

Clarion San Jose Increases Revenue 377% from Revamped Website
"As of January 2006, we hired Milestone Internet Marketing to manage our website. After one year we analyzed our website statistics and calculated an increase of 377% revenue from our website comparing year 2005 to year 2006." [more]

Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc. is a full-service internet marketing solutions provider and an educator for the travel and hospitality industry. We provide solutions for developing powerful internet presence and driving revenue on the internet. Our portfolio of services include developing and promoting independent and brand.com websites, blogs, podcasts, RSS, email marketing, etc. We currently work with over 500 hotels nationwide and are a preferred vendor for several major lodging brands. Milestone is also a leading internet marketing educator for the lodging industry and offers its popular and widely acclaimed internet marketing training workshop and book – Hotels to HTMLs for several lodging associations, brands, and management groups. www.milestoneinternet.com.
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