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Gone are the days of clipping coupons from newspapers and magazines. Online coupons are now becoming the rage, especially with the current economic state. Consumers are always in search of savings online, and hotels can respond to this demand by adding an eCoupon on their website. Online coupons are great revenue generators for hotels as the significant discounts offered can lure website visitors and convert them into booked room nights.

Why Feature an eCoupon On Your Website:

  • More than 40 million people in the United States alone take advantage of online coupons to get significant savings - Simmons Market Research Bureau
  • 30% of adults will not make an online purchase without a coupon or discount code. And when an online coupon is not available, 22% will go to a different vendor to make a purchase. – Harris Interactive Poll 2009
  • Online coupons have a lower entry point barrier and higher ROI over traditional newspaper coupon inserts

Hotel Helix ECoupon

Case Study:

The Hotel Helix is a trendy and boutique Kimpton Hotel situated in the heart of Washington, DC. Milestone added the eCoupon to the Hotel Helix’s website (http://www.hotelhelix.com/) on October 23, 2009. After being live for 1 month, the eCoupon performed extremely well and was viewed 1,772 times. In one month, the ecoupon booked 57 room nights and generated $6,103 in booked revenue.

To learn more about online coupons, contact Milestone at (888)350-8396, or email: [email protected].

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