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What sets Milestone FAQ Manager apart when compared to other tools in the market?

The Milestone FAQ Manager is perhaps one of the most complete and end-to-end FAQ Management solutions in the market. While some tools in the market allow you to manage your GMB listing, some others let you create voice answers. However, the FAQ Manager helps you take a scientific approach towards sourcing and publishing content across local channels and voice assistants, for multiple business locations from one place, thus ensuring that your answers are consistent and get noticed everywhere users are looking for. The answers get published as "Verified Answers" thus establishing the authority over other user-generated answers. The benefits do not end here - Multi-location management, bulk upload capabilities and one-click publishing makes FAQ Manager a powerful technology solution for all businesses - no matter how big or small. Some factors that help Milestone FAQ Manager stand out:
  • Single-view multi-location dashboard: Complete visibility into customer questions across all channels & all locations
  • Content Curation: Curate across local listings across multiple locations
  • Bulk Upload: Bulk upload Questions & answers
  • One-click publishing: click to publish across channels
  • Publish verified answers: Publish verified answers on voice assistants and GMB
  • Ability to channel information directly into voice assistants (without any coding)
All these make Milestone FAQ Manager an amazing tool that makes FAQ management simple and voice search friendly.
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What sets Milestone FAQ Manager apart when compared to other tools in the market?
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