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Milestone periodically presents Webinars for customers and the public. We address the latest digital marketing trends and challenges facing the industries we serve and delve into how to keep pace with evolutions in technology. One of our most popular webinars is our annual state of the union  with insights on major digital technology trends.


Digital Marketing Essentials for Your 2018 Budget

If you're putting together your 2018 digital marketing budgets and carefully weighing priorities and possibilities, be sure you don't overlook anything critical.

Effectively Monetizing the Customer Journey

Milestone and Google co-hosted a webinar titled Get the Most Bang for Your Buck out of the Customer Journey on Wednesday, May 17.

What Matters in Search this Year

The Milestone team presented an educational webinar, What Matters In Search this Year, to highlight the latest digital trends as we kick off 2017.

Competitive Intelligence, Am I Doing it Right [Webinar Recap]

Digital marketers need to measure their site speed, keywords, paid campaigns, social shares, directories and more to understand their overall performance.

Can Siri Talk To Your Website [ Webinar Recap]

This webinar takes a look at the latest search trends impacting technology advancements. Have your website supply Siri with answers!

Impact Your Rank & Revenue with Top Search Strategies [Webinar Recap]

Digital marketers of a location based company (hotel, bank, retail store, etc.) will find this webinar extremely useful in understanding ways to increase website traffic.

Storytelling Websites That Convert [ Webinar Recap]

The Milestone team presented design ideas for your website that increase your conversions and revenue. Learn the architecture, colors, content, and devices that convert.

Social Media: Generate More Than Just Likes [Webinar Recap]

Milestone hosted an educational webinar to discuss how social media fits into today's hospitality conversion funnel and how to optimize social campaigns to see a greater return.

Paid Marketing Optimization Drives Revenue In Conversion Funnel [Webinar Recap]

Milestone and Google's Strategic Partner Manager, Nicole Walsh, are presenting a webinar to discuss how paid marketing fits into today's complex travel conversion funnel.


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